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The Land of the Forbidden Smile

are Russian women the most beautiful women in the world? I would say yes and no, yes because all women are beautiful and in every country I have visited I have found that women have a lot of charm.

the dream of the birds of paradise

my mother died after the birth of my little brother Eduardo, three years ago, our dad is very nice to us, he lets us play a lot and when we are hungry we wait for the tourists when they leave their hotels.

this monster in me

the smell of the neighbour’s barbecue pierces me and torments me, it doesn’t matter, let’s not wake up my Genghis, let’s let him think that we’ll have a barbecue soon.

spring is coming soon

he keeps telling me how he opened Pandora’s box. Yes, it was a Pandora that made him grow horns and asked him to say words of love. Since then, he has been in pain, he cries out his sorrows, and he cries out his sorrows to himself

gilets jaunes

the yellow revolution of 17 November 2018

He came into politics as Minister of Economy in the former government, but he is not a socialist, is it by merit or nepotism, we never knew. Esoteric, he appeared one day to replace a presumptuous and upstart minister, so he was propelled to the political stage under the iron rule of a loser president.

Destination Pékin

Destination Beijing

Oh, my God!  I, on the other hand, I have to stop, I’m going to become Asian if I keep talking with metaphors, in any case, I’m already Asian with heart and soul.

letter from an unknown

For some people, hell is a daily grind, life is nothing but an ordeal day after day. My story is full of hope for those who have lost all bearings for the future, who think that even the light has become darkness.

A mystical scent of the city

It is a rich country, and its wealth is not only in its organization but rather in the people who make it up, there are Indians, Chinese and Malays, there is no inter-religious animosity, in any case there is not this kind of problem that we experience in France.